soo its kind of 2 problems, 1 is that my graphics device is not being shown as my gpu (GTX 1050 Mobile) but like this idk what this is but this is my current graphics device . my second problem kinda relates to the first, is that in Blender 2.8 is not detecting any CUDA gpus. when i installed ubuntu, the Blender viewport was nice and smooth, but i tried installing lots of drivers to try and get it to show for cycles rendering, buuuut i made it worse and now lags really bad even with the default cube.

im new on ubuntu so umm yea.. ive also been trying to fix this problem for a week now and ive searched everywhere, watched multiple tutorials, read lots of guides, reinstalled drivers, etc plz help >n<


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The llvmpipe is a software opengl renderer from the mesa project which is open source.

Nvidia provides binary drivers for its video cards, you need these official drivers to get access to CUDA in blender. You may also need the CUDA toolkit if the CUDA support needs recompiling.

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