As far as I know this question has been asked an answered several times. But in my case, is slightly different.

So when I install MySQL 2.7.27 I cannot access it via root or anything. I've followed a different solution and it got fixed.

But the next day I come and I cannot access my local MySQL server. The password that I set the day before is not working anymore and I have to re-install MySQL and do the same thing over and over. Any thoughts?

I'm on a recently installed Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS.


After trying everything I've found the solution.

One of my workmates was giving me a dump that saves all databases (even the mysql internal database).

It was changing the root password.

How I found the solution

After I dump everything I enter mysql terminal client with my password, it worked. Then I update the privileges with


And I couldn't access with my own password. Checked if could access with his password and I could.

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