In the past I used to keep two folders on my laptop synced with their respective equivalents on an external hard disk. I used Grsync and ran it twice whenever I wanted to sync. Now I'm using a more complex distribution of my files and would like to sync more than two folders with their respective external equivalents.

In other words, I want to to sync (one way) say:

/home/user/Folder1 with /extHDD/Folder1
/home/user/Folder2 with /extHDD/Folder2

Instead of running grsync multiple times, is there a simpler way to

  1. Specify a series of source and destination directories
  2. Have the possibility to check what would be changed before actually syncing.

I'm open to CLI or GUI methods.


Rsync (more) (examples) itself is a viable option, which

  1. allows you to specify a series of source and destination directories, and
  2. due to its --dry-run option which shows you what will happen without actually moving files (as described in point 9 here).

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