iMac ~2013 Intel Core i5-2400S CPU @ 2.50GHz SCSI Disks: Seagate 500 GB HDD, /dev/sda1, Ext4 (version 1.0) — Not Mounted Samsung SSD 750 EVO 500GB, /dev/sdb1 EFI System, /dev/sdb2 Ext4 (version 1.0)— Mounted at Filesystem Root Latest Ubuntu Desktop (now 19.04)

So I got this old iMac with macOS on it from somebody who bought a new one. After he'd used this one for several years, he had more RAM plugged in and an SSD besides the HDD to improve speed. This was done by an Apple store. My suspicion is that they'd plugged the SSD in an extra slot after the HDD (I'm not a hardware person! (and my software knowledge/skills are also limited)) and let the HDD still be the primary disk from where macOS would boot, so not a speed improvement.

I installed Ubuntu because I find it better looking, faster and easier (and most probably safer), and most important because I just love it!

The problem is that the HDD is not visible in Gnome Files and if I (auto)mount it via Gnome Disks with edit mount options => deselect User Session Defaults => select Mount at Startup AND Show in User Interface.

I've read at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive#Automatic_Mount_At_Boot that to make the drive visible in Gnome Files it needs to mount at an own folder at /Media so I made this: /media/seagateHDD. In Gnome Disks I've set the mount point at /media/seagateHDD and Identify As: LABEL=Seagate HDD. Also above these fields there is set the parameters: nosuid,nodev,nofail,x-gvfs-show (I don't know what that means).

However, after reboot the HDD will still not show in the main menu but only in + Other Locations and although mounted, after I double click to open it, it won't.

QUESTIONS: 1 How can I make the HDD directly visible in Gnome Files (on left belof Home, Desktop, Documents, etc.? 2 Is it necessary that this extra HDD drive beside my SSD is labelled as Mounted? This is annoying since that mounted message in Gnome is used by me for attached USB Drives so I don't forget to unplug them before unmounting.

Kind request: don't come with tips to open the iMac and switch bot Disks since that is way beyond my capabilities unless you say it's really really simple ;-)

Kind regard for answers, if any ;)

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