i want to customize my evolution but everytime i make a change, it is completely ignored - it jumps back to default. For example when i uncheck status bar, nothing happens. Also in my gnome-calendar same thing happpens when i want to go to week or year view - it jumps back to month view. I tried to purge everything and install again but it didnt work. Any ideas why does this happens?

Update: when i open those programs in terminal as root there is no problem.

I am using Lubuntu 19.04

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    Lubuntu 19.04 1) Is an Interim release whose support ends in January of next year. No further security updates or bug fixes will be released thereafter. 2) Uses a new desktop, LXQt, instead of the well proven LXDE. I'd suggest you try to replicate these issues on a Lubuntu 18.04 LTS install, even though, personally, I think LXQt is the Cat's Meow. – K7AAY Sep 27 at 18:07

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