I am new to the Linux world.I have a headphone with two jacks (Green jack that is for listening and Red jack that is for microphone). My laptop has one jack (combo jack). When I was in windows OS if I was connect the microphone to laptop the system asked me to choose the mode(for example speaker or headphone or microphone). I had "Realtek HD audio manager" and this software allowed me to choose my mode.

In linux OS I installed and configured "HDA jack retask".But problem does not solve

I was spend more that two weeks to solve this problem and I just confused

This is my system informations Please help me:

Laptop:Asus TP550LJ

Desktop Environment: GNOME

Audio Card: Realtek ALC3236


A $6 hardware solution: Get a 4-pole plug to dual jack adapter cable.




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    Dose not work. I checked but dose not work – user876530 Sep 28 '19 at 6:23

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