This problem is with all the apps which I try to install, it shows (in the case of telegram) :- unable to install "Telegram Desktop": snap "telegram-desktop" has "install-snap" change in progress. Everytime when I try to install this shows up at the top of the Software. PS I've installed telegram through terminal by sudo apt install telegrambut please help me fix this issue with the software center.

  • How did you install telegram from terminal? What commands did you use? – Biswapriyo Sep 27 at 11:53
  • Sudo apt install telegram – Mihir Mishra Sep 27 at 11:55
  • please edit your question and add the commands from terminal including the error – JoKeR Sep 29 at 21:31
  • I want it the GUI way. – Mihir Mishra Sep 30 at 3:02

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