so I tried to use what has worked for me for years as below. But trying this on both of these flavors of ubuntu gives an error on giving the gdm user x server access.

Sequence: Use root:

sudo -i

Enable gdm to access x11:

    xhost +SI:localuser:gdm
  su gdm:
    su gdm -l -s /bin/bash
  hide users:
    gsettings set org.gnome.login-screen disable-user-list true


localuser:gdm being added to access control list
X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)
  Major opcode of failed request:  109 (X_ChangeHosts)
  Value in failed request:  0xd
  Serial number of failed request:  7
  Current serial number in output stream:  9
root@kubuntudt:~# su gdm -l -s /bin/bash
su: user gdm does not exist

Why? How to fix?

Thank you in advance! Bill

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    Neither Kubuntu nor Lubuntu use gdm; Lubuntu uses sddm, as does I believe Kubuntu too. gdm=gnome display manager so why would Kubuntu/Lubuntu be expected to have gdm setup – guiverc Sep 27 at 2:34
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    fyi: if it worked before for you, it was because you did something differently; as those distros using gdm doesn't make sense - neither use gnome, nor GTK+ (though lubuntu did use older GTK+2 in the past) – guiverc Sep 27 at 3:08
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    And both Kubuntu and Lubuntu 19.04 use sddm by default. Without further explanation of how gdm figures in the equation, I'm afraid this question is unclear. – DK Bose Sep 27 at 3:46
  • Sorry if I mis-stated, all prior implementations were using ubuntu not kubuntu or lubuntu, which from the responses would be the reason why it is not working... So the bigger question is how would I do it on these flavors? – Bill Scott Sep 27 at 12:50

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