Is there anyway to get my battery panel applet or widget to display percentage?

After dumb fidgeting (removing applet icon repositories) the battery applet is gone and instead it shows a settings symbol but still responds as a battery panel applet? Any help would be great.

The battery indicator is glitchy, at times I have to toggle show icon so that it actually states my batteries current status. Again any help would be great. I'd prefer not to have to reinstall lubuntu.

  • Lubuntu 19.04 is using a new Desktop, LXQt, instead of LXDE, and LXQt is not as mature and well-developed as LXDE. Do you have the same problem when you boot from a Lubuntu 18.04 LiveUSB? Please click edit to reply; please don't use Add Comment and instead use edit. – K7AAY Sep 26 at 20:26
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    Oh that explains it. Does the previous distro 18 or something use LXQT or LXDE. There are a lot of things subtly different in 19.04, as you say no as mature. No, this issue just sort of arose. I believe it has something to do with the panel icon theme. When I switch back to the built in battery icon, it is normal. The error occurs when I want to use icons from theme. However, in both cases the icons don't show a percentage symbol, and that option is not in the power settings. – Vinnie Ross Sep 26 at 21:40
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    Thanks, any thoughts on how I may be able to get my battery applet image back when using other icons or themes? – Vinnie Ross Sep 26 at 23:29
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    The battery applet is default. So it came installed? It is at its default configuration currently. – Vinnie Ross Sep 27 at 1:45
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    Is there anyway to reinstall the lxqi power manager safely? – Vinnie Ross Sep 28 at 1:16

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