I'm trying to set up an SSH connection via an ethernet cable from pc to the Jetson Nano. Changes I have made so far are only to the Netplan config file in /etc/netplan

I would like to be able to unplug and replug both the ethernet to pc and ethernet to modem router (for a live connection) while maintaining the same static IP for eth0.

However, I am noticing some not so ideal instances:

  • if eth0 is set to a static IP and the ethernet is connected to modem router there is no internet connection - the only solution I've found is to restart the system with the modem ethernet connected (results in internet connection and static IP)
  • if ethernet is unplugged while nano is shutdown, when it is rebooted with the ethernet connected the static IP is not set - A quick solution is an unplug and replug of the ethernet cable on the nano however this does not suit as a long term solution

Netplan config file:

     version: 2
     renderer: networkd
         addresses: []
           addresses: [,]

Not sure what causes these issues around startup configurations, any help would be much appreciated.

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