I only recently started to learn how to program with C and have been taught basic commands in the terminal (e.g. ls, cd, cd .., pwd, gcc, rm, etc.). This is the directory I'm currently in.

My Directory: /home/my_name/ProgrammingC/

Used to be: /home/my_name/ProgrammingC/Random

I have a bunch of '.c' files in that 'ProgrammingC' folder which previously contained a folder I called 'Random'. I moved the files out of the 'Random' folder and into 'ProgrammingC' and deleted the folder. When I use 'ls', Ubuntu says the folder 'Random' still exists and I cant see my '.c' files that are now in the 'ProgrammingC' folder.

I have been creating folders and moving files around using File Explorer (Windows 10) instead of using commands like 'mkdir' and 'rm'. Would this be an issue?


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