Cannot access my data partition after updating windows. I have Win 10, UbuntuMate, and a partition called Data on my machine to share between OS's.

I recently upgraded Win 10 and now I cannot access my Data drive with write permission on Linux OS's on my machine.

To test whether anything I did was successful, I right click in Caja and see if I can create a folder.. NOPE..it is grey

I have tried:

shift + shutdown (Usually works for c-drive r+w problems)

Changing permissions to full control in Windows

Changing sharing to everyone in Windows

I also tried this in term sudo chmod /media/bhante/Data -R -rwxrw-rw


sudo chmod /media/bhante/Data -R -rwxrw-rw a

it returns "read only file system" for all files:

chmod: changing permissions of '/media/bhante/Data/yush/yushsign.com/index.html': Read-only file system

Below are the settings in "Disks" to automount enter image description here


Not long ago, while in windows.. hitting SHIFT + SHUTDOWN menu item would completely shut down the computer. It seems that the latest release (September) ignores this key-sequence and the drive is still "in exclusive use"

hit WINDOWSkey + R type powercfg.cpl Click "Choose what the power buttons do" from the column on the left. scroll down and choose turn off fast boot.

You might have to click a button above that that says change settings not allowed. Then you can uncheck fast boot. See this link https://help.uaudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/213195423-How-To-Disable-Fast-Startup-in-Windows-10

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