How enable HW accelrated encoding in FFMPEG, Ubuntu 19.04 ? (at least _nvenc variants of h.264/h.265 encoders)

Do you know simplified user friendly way, how to do that using TASKSEL or similar automated tools ? Thank you for any advice.

(my configuration: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB/PCIe/SSE2 / nVidia binary drivers version 418.56, nvidia-cuda-toolkit installed)

$ ffmpeg -h encoder=hevc_nvenc
ffmpeg version 4.1.3-0ubuntu1
Codec 'hevc_nvenc' is not recognized by FFmpeg.

btw, my cuda acceleration works perfectly in BLENDER CYCLES ... so it works in general, but not in FFMPEG


I've found simple solution ...

just remove ffmpeg package

sudo apt remove ffmpeg

and install SNAP package instead

sudo snap install ffmpeg

And thats it, you can use *_nvenc codecs now. They are already included in snap package. No need to download header files, no need to complile anything.

Tip: If you have ubuntu version 19.04, be sure to give the ffmpeg package all permissions (especially access to external storage) in the software center.

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    +1 because after a lot of years with this issue, this is the one I would recommend. One stop solution, future-proofed – Luis Alvarado Sep 21 '19 at 16:11

The version 4.2.4 Can recognize encoder=hevc_nvenc properly (I have same gtx 1060 on Linux Ubuntu, so I have tested it on 20.04)

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