I have VBox 6.x running on Win 8.1, with Ubuntu 18.04x64 Guest.

I reloaded an old Ubuntu image I had created and it still has references to a shared folder (that was formerly automounted) in the /media directory and I can't figure out how to remove it.

I've checked /etc/rc.local, /etc/fstab, and the instance config and nothing in there points to where this mount is coming from.

So the mount in question /media/sf_sharedhome is empty since the folder it had pointed to on the Host machine is now gone.

Though when I try to use umount it says the folder is "not mounted"; ok maybe it's not. How do I remove this phantom reference?

In searching, I cant find anything online that addresses my particular use-case. Any help is appreciated.

  • Remove the reference from the Virtualbox Manager on your host (Settings --> Shared Folders, I believe). – ajgringo619 Sep 19 '19 at 20:45

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