I use an old PC with 8 Go RAM, but it become slower, so I installed Lubuntu to boost it a little. But the old config with normal Ubuntu stays, and slowed my config when it starts. How to clean my configs (without reinstalling a new fressh install of Lubuntu), to keep only Lubuntu on my PC. Thank you for your help Jacques

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    How did you "install Lubuntu" over an existing Ubuntu install? Did you just install lubuntu-desktop or what? Edit your answer to provide details and someone may be able to help. – Organic Marble Sep 19 at 17:57
  • Thank you for your answer. On a normal Ubuntu install, I add lubuntu-desktop, and I after that, I choose Lubuntu. But I don't know how to clean my desktop, without installing a fresh distro – Jacques David Sep 23 at 11:15

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