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Well I have installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS lubuntu tty1. Was working fine for two days, but a problem now. When I try to login, the login page keeps on reappearing repeatedly without logging me in. Enlighten me on this.

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  • If you have limited space in $HOME (your user directory), your gui login will fail - however text terminal does not. It won't impact an already logged in user until they logout & try to re-login. You can login via text terminal to check space (df or disk-free), but this is only one such cause (the most common for me anyway) – guiverc Sep 19 at 9:04
  • Yeah, that was my problem too. Thanks so much for the reply. – John Paneerselvam Sep 19 at 11:17

I had the same problem. How I fixed it was by clicking on the gear beside the "Sign In" button.

If it's an option, select "Ubuntu on Wayland". If it's not, well I don't know that much about Ubuntu. Sorry!

I hope this helps! 😊

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