After uninstalling Windows 10 following the instructions given in this post I get the following error when restarting my computer:

PXE-EG1: Media test failure check cable  

Bootable keys aren't working

Same for the BIOS/EFI key, I've tried every option: F1, F2, F12, Del I can't access.

Other data:

Lenovo B570 laptop
Installed OS: Ubuntu 18.04, Windows 10

At the end of the uninstall process with OS uninstaller the following message appeared:

An error occurred during uninstallation.
We hope you enjoyed it and send us your comments now you can restart the computer. Don't forget to make your BIOS boot into the sda2 file.
If your computer boots directly into Windows, try changing the boot order of the BIOS.
If your BIOS does not allow you to change the boot order, change the default entry in the Windows bootloader.

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