I upgraded from 16.04 to 19.04. Now my mouse pointer speed is way slower, I set it to maximum speed but it's still slow. This is unworkable as I have three screens and I can't move the mouse pointer over three screens without using a lot more space than my mouse mat. I use standard Ubuntu 19.04, that's with gnome3 I think. I asked this question before, when I upgraded to 18.04, but I ended up going back to 16.04. With tweak tools, I set acceleration to "adaptive", which seems to be the fastest of the three options. But it's still slow.

How do I increase mouse acceleration by at least a factor 10? Like I had in 16.04?

  • What desktop environment are you using? Search here for "mouse speed" or "mouse acceleration" and your DE (GNOME3 / KDE / etc). An answer for your question likely already exists. – Nmath Sep 13 at 15:58
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    Gnome. The issue has existed for a number of years now. The reason it's important to me is that larger mouse movements give you carpal tunnel syndrome. – Christine Sep 13 at 16:15
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    Possibly the update failed to properly update your mouse driver? Do you have a non-standard mouse? Check 'Additional Drivers'? – Stephen Boston Sep 13 at 16:23
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    also: askubuntu.com/questions/1065542/… – Nmath Sep 13 at 16:45

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