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I have a laptop with Ubuntu 18.04 in it. I want to use Unity 3D, so I would need to install windows. I think of replacing ubuntu with Windows but don't want to lose any data. I don't want to use a cloud platform. Is there any way I can backup my ubuntu data.

I have made a partition for windows also

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    " The backup method should work on windows if it is an application" wrong place to ask this. – Rinzwind Sep 12 at 9:08
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    Copy the files somewhere that isn't in the cloud; we cannot know what local storage you have. – guiverc Sep 12 at 9:29
  • okay. Can I get the files from windows – Demon App Programmer Sep 12 at 9:32
  1. Transfer all data you need from ubuntu to usb stick formatted in FAT32 (to use with any OS) ==> install windows ==> copy data from usb->windows;

  2. Make separate partition in FAT32 and copy data there. Install windows and do not touch that partition. Windows should see this partition as dick D:\ of smthg like that;

  3. Make FTP server in your local network for backup data.

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