I am using Ubuntu 18.04 and I want also to allow to use my PC my brother.

It would not be a problem if it had a guest account but since 18.04 has no guest account I am wondering what data is accesable through a normal user account.

Would it be possible for my brother to change something in the system? Can he access WLAN password or similar data?

I would like to „trust my PC“ after he has used it.


You can add a "Standard" account (from Settings -> Detail -> Users -> Add user).

Standard users can use software like Firefox, IDE, a music player, or download files, read their own. They can also change settings that only affects themselves, such as his wallpaper.

Standard users cannot install/upgrade/uninstall software or change system-wide settings, e.g. WLAN password. Standard user can read/copy documents and photos in your Home directory and any file or created elsewhere but not able to modify/delete them.

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    With default permissions any user would have read-access to the files in your home-directory and you'd have to modify the permissions of your home-folder to prevent this. The last sentence in your answer is not correct. – mook765 Sep 12 at 8:13
  • That means that the Standard user can read my files even if I have a Administrator account? But he cannot access the system files and connot do any changes to system or turn off the antivirus (Sophos free for Linux) or change the firewall settings? – BarbaraMa Sep 12 at 9:13
  • @BarbaraMa, Yes, but you can change file permission to block access from other users. (Right click your file, choose property, in the permission tab change access of others from "Read-only" to "None". – Albert Zhong Sep 12 at 9:48
  • @BarbaraMa Only admins can change status/settings of a modern anti-virus/firewall. The only things to do is to protect your private file. As mook765 said, Linux by default grant read access of most files to all users. – Albert Zhong Sep 12 at 9:52

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