I am trying to diagnose a wifi issue with my Ubuntu 18.04.3 server and noticed the following in the logs:

systemd-networkd[931]: wlp1s0: Interface name change detected, wlp1s0 has been renamed to wlan0.
systemd-networkd[931]: wlan0: Interface name change detected, wlan0 has been renamed to wlp1s0.

As I understand it the most recent approach to naming interfaces should give me something like wlp1s0 but why does systemd appear to rename it to wlan0 before renaming it back to wlp1s0? For the rest of the boot process the interface is referred to as wlp1s0 which usually works fine. I don't think this is the cause of the issue I have (which I will place in another question) but it would be good to know what is happening here.

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