I want to know how to restore all windows which I have minimized (using the mouse). I find it annoying to have to browse through my windows manually to restore all of them.

Both GUI-based and command line solutions work for me.

To show that I have searched for answers before posting here:

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    Ubuntu 18.04, $DESKTOP_SESSION is 'ubuntu' – DriesB Sep 11 at 15:13

There's a package called xdotools which can do this. The command to be used is;

xdotool search --onlyvisible --name '.*' windowactivate %@

You can add this to a shortcut and place it on the toolbar so a single click opens everything.

  • Yes, this works! But I get an error message as well: XGetWindowProperty[_NET_WM_DESKTOP] failed (code=1). – DriesB Sep 12 at 10:04
  • Yes sorry it did error for me, but I figured if I really wanted to I'd script something to catch and dispose of the error messages, sloppy I know but it's a way around the initial question. – Tsundar Sep 16 at 15:53

Based on this post by user55822 on closing all open windows, I found the following solution:

WIN_IDs=$(wmctrl -l | awk '$3 != "N/A" {print $1}')
for i in $WIN_IDs; do wmctrl -ia "$i"; done
  • I prefer this solution, as it does not raise warning messages. – DriesB Sep 16 at 12:14

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