I recently installed Ubuntu 18.04 on my desktop and restored my files from a backup drive. Unfortunately it did not restore my applications that I had installed (figured it out that I didn't backup my entire drive, only a few folders). So I had to install most of my applications either through the traditional command-line way or Ubuntu Software program. I had to install VLC as it's way better than the traditional video player. But I faced a problem, there are two applications with the same name 'VLC' which have the same screenshots but different developers and source. I don't know which one to install. I want a stable version that is managed by the VideoLAN developers.

Information about the two 'VLC' players are below ---

VLC #1
Channel - stable
Version - 3.0.7
License - free
Developer - VideoLAN (with a tick)
Source - Snap Store (I'm not very sure about this)

VLC #2
Version -
Updated - never
License - free
Developer - VideoLAN et al.
Source - ubuntu-bionic-updates-universe

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Last version is a minor upgrade from the 3.0.7, so you should choose the latest, source can be trusted as the repository is ubuntu-bionic-updates-universe.

Changes between 3.0.7 and

 * Update libbluray to 1.1.2

 * Fix bluray java menu playback regression in 3.0.7

Video Output:
 * Fix hardware acceleration with some AMD drivers
 * Improve direct3d11 HDR support
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    I think the question (also) is about Source - Snap Store and Source - ubuntu-bionic-updates-universe – Soren A Sep 11 at 13:36
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    Some Snap versions of apps tend to have permission problems, lacking of certain permissions. If you use most of vlc's features I would go with #2, if just use to watch your plain videos either one will do. I do not know for certain if snap vlc would be lacking. – crip659 Sep 11 at 14:30

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