I am using Ubuntu 16.04 to make test bed for Secure Neighbor Discovery Protocol for IPv6. I compiled my kernel, it was 4.15.0-generic and now it is 4.15.18-custom.

The next step in my guide is:

----- Patching Kernel Source Code -----
[You need to copy the include/ folder and net/ folder in sendcgaknl/ to your linux source tree (where you compiled your kernel), and copy the sndd/ folder in sendcgaknl/ to /etc/ folder. Note that you will need root privilege to accomplish the above.]

I didn’t find sendcgaknl/ file, so I guessed I should just create it and copy the other files inside it but later I couldn’t find the sndd/ file inside sendcgaknl/ file, so I realized that sencgaknl/ file should have existed, not to be created.

I searched for this file in Google where could it be found, I found no such name, not at all. So I am wondering: Is there such a file with such a name but in my kernel file is missing, so I need to compile my kernel to another version, or has no file this name?

If anyone of you has installed Secure Neighbor Discovery protocol before, kindly put the URL of the document which helped you.

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