I'm facing a peculiar problem with my ubuntu 18.04, Dell computer.

I'm not a huge fan of rebooting on every updates (happened a lot recently) but since Monday few applications refused to worked (they open but nothing is actionable) like the calculator or clicking on "update" from the UI when a new update is available.

Thus today I decided to reboot my computer and then the fun happened. I got stuck on the DELL black screen with this message (the longest I waited was 20min):

Found update fwupdate-b950d63c-f9a5-4823-b48d-395e960ab468-0

File \EFI\ubuntu\fw\fwupdate-KXJikb.cap searched

I forced reboot (power off / on) it boots properly but from now on each time I want to reboot, black screen with the message and I have to manually off / on.

Anyone experienced this and would have a hint about what to look for / how to solve it?


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