I have a new installation of 11.10. I have an admin user, and a standard user that doesn't have password with autologin. If I log in as the standard user, when I use sudo from command line, it asks for that users password, which doesn't work because that user has no password, and isn't admin. If I log in as admin user, it asks for admins password. How do I make sudo always ask for admin password? Thanks, CP

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That is not how sudo works. sudo asks for the users password and then checks if this user is a sudo user.


  • If you want the 2nd user to be able to do admin tasks you need to add that user to the sudo group. See: How do I add a user to the "sudo" group?

  • What you also can do (and probably are asking) is to use su 1st.

    Let's assume rinzwind is your sudo account. If you do

    su rinzwind

    and enter rinzwind's password you can then do

    sudo {command you need sudo access for}

    and it will ask for rinzwind's password for access to admin only things. 2 times exit and you are back on userlevel.

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