When I take a speed test, I get 80 mb/s, when I try download something, I only get about 5 mb/s. I saw a lot of questions about wifi but none about ethernet.

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    Try a different cable and compare results. – user535733 Sep 10 at 13:13
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    What are you trying to download? Have you considered that the server or the path might limit the speed (see Bottleneck)? – Melebius Sep 10 at 13:24
  • sourceforge.net/speetest is a reliable speed test. What does it say before and after you change Ethernet patch cords? Also cycle the power on that cable modem, with at least 120 seconds off before you power back up. Please click edit and post the results in your original question. – K7AAY Sep 10 at 17:34

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