To keep in touch with other Skype users, I wish to install web-based Skype on my 64-bit i386 lubuntu 18.04.3 laptop.
The Microsoft-based Skype website offers skypeforlinux-64.deb (70MB) for Debian Linux (should be OK, given the OS similarity) – but the download is for amd64 (odd, as MS prefers intel to AMD) and needs converting to i386 before installation.

The programme dpkg-deb should do the conversion – but 'help' from dpkg-deb --help is incomprehensible. The correct command line (started from the directory containing skypeforlinux-64.deb) presumably begins

sudo dpkg-deb skypeforlinux-64.deb --add-architecture i386 …

but clearly needs further parameters.


  • My 64-bit i386 lubuntu 18.04.3 R60 ThinkPad System Profiler returns Kernel: Linux 4.15-60-generic (i616) [more info later]. Thus I 'merely' need to convert from 64-bit amd to 64-bit intel.
  • My Skype problems began Mar 2019 when MS restricted browser-based Skype to their newest Windows + Edge browser.
  • So earlier MS 'solutions' are obsolete.
  • MS has never released source code!
  • Have you checked the API/ABI used by the program are identical? If they aren't (ie. amd64 uses 64bit and i386 uses 32bit) you should expect segment faults when executed and those interfaces are used. There is more involved than just the package tools; compiling from source is the safest choice by far (which I assume isn't available for skype (I haven't looked), thus your approach) – guiverc Sep 9 at 8:35
  • stackoverflow.com/q/2529707. The programme dpkg-deb should do the conversion. No. Quoting under that linked question: You need to rebuild the application from its sources for a 32 Bit target and use the packaging scripts it provides to build a DEB for x86. - Technically, you do not convert a package, you recompile its source for different platform and package it appropriately. – cipricus Sep 9 at 8:50

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