I figured this was a long shot but there are some very smart people here. Ive been thinking of trying Lubuntu for awhile now and today I did so. I made a bootable USB and tried the live version Lubuntu 18.04. I am using an older laptop Inspiron E1505 1gb Ram, Dual Core Duo 1.8ghz, 100gb hdd. So I wanted something fast and lite and alittle up to date rather than the unsupported Windows XP originally running. I wanted to setup a Dual Boot System. I read that after clicking install that you have an option to choose "Run along side Windows OS" or something like that. Well my computer said instead "Multiple Operating Systems already installed" which there wasnt. Maybe it was counting a recovery partition or Dell utilities partition as an OS. So I deleted the 4gb recovery partition and the 35mb dell partition. Which left 2 unallocated partitions and the install was still saying multiple OS's. So I tried to "Merge" the 3 altogether by using the Lubuntu Live GPartd and selected Move/Resize the Windows partition to "grow" in size taking in the two. Well it did warn me and as soon as it started there was an error. I then shut down, unplugged bootable USB and tried to boot normally into Windows and now it saids "Unable to boot" "Invalid Boot Path". Something along those lines. However in the Live session I can still see the Partition and it still has all the files. I think the partition that was at the beginning merged in front of windows on the hdd and basically moved the files into different sectors in the hdd. I dont know, Im lost. Can someone help? Sorry about the typing, I was trying to hurry.

  • Did you verify your install media (using the "check disc for defects" option) before you did anything? ie. to verify your download & write to thumb-drive (or install media) was flawless. Also where did you get Lubuntu from? as many sites on the internet offer Lubuntu for download, but only Ubuntu & lubuntu.me are official (stick to ubuntu.com if unsure; ie. ubuntu.com/download/flavours and don't use google unless you can know it's sending you to a legit site). I can't picture the messages you're describing which leads me to suspect you have a bad image or didn't download Lubuntu. – guiverc Sep 7 at 7:23

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