i'm searching for a simple invoice program on ubuntu (or xubuntu).

Web based invoice managers are NOT possible. So far i only found web based applications.

On windows i used this program. It's really convient and works offline.

Are there similar alternative on linux?

Thanks in advance.

  • Well, there is the same program for Linux. Apparently it is a Java archive (.jar) and should be executable on any system where Java is installed. – Jos Sep 5 at 13:22
  • Addition: I couldn't get it to work on my system because JDK > 9 no longer supports the Java Activation module. I understand there are replacements for this but I didn't bother to try them out. – Jos Sep 5 at 13:28
  • Addition: by setting the default Java executable to JDK 8 using sudo update-alternatives --config java I got it to work. However, the program complains about the data not being available in /DATA024 and /DATA014. Creating empty files (in the root directory, no less) causes the program to complain about an array index being out of bounds. This is not a very forgiving program for the non-programmer. – Jos Sep 5 at 13:36

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