I just booted up my Xubuntu 18 machine and noticed (almost) none of my windows had title bars. Look at this screenshot to see more of what I mean. What's interesting is Chrome still has it's title-bar, but just no close/minimize in the corner (maybe because it's custom made instead of the default title-bar?). Also, the windows aren't listed on the system bar (top left).

I didn't update or change any settings yesterday that I can think of. I did just update on startup by habit, but the issue was already there. Restarting twice did nothing. I also noticed Alt-F4 doesn't close any windows (except Chrome oddly enough) and I've been at the mercy of whether or not the window has a menu option File > Quit.

I don't have anything fancy installed for graphics (no custom title-bars or whatever), just xfce.

Let me know what other information I need to provide.


Well, I just trashed my system trying to fix it so I have to rebuild it from a backup anyways *sigh*.

For future users, I did create a dummy user in /home and it had no problems. It must have been something in my home directory that was causing the issue.

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  • It may be related to the Desktop Manager you have chosen while logging in. See my second to last comment in askubuntu.com/questions/1136127/… – FedonKadifeli Sep 3 at 18:20
  • Good suggestion @FedonKadifeli. The xfce login screen does not have the same options as vanilla Ubuntu (example image). There was an option to change from an Xubuntu to an XFCE session (whatever the difference is), but switching had the same issue. – Noah May Sep 3 at 19:29