Hello I have a problem with the command: tar -xvzf. I want unzip the plugins that I just downloaded but I get this message. but before everything else I needed your help please.

tar (child): cannot connect to plugin: resolve failed

gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file tar: child returned status 128 tar: error is not recoverable: exiting now

i have downloaded plugin with this command:

wget https://docs.cacti.net/_media/plugin:monitor-v1.2-1.tgz

Now when i try to unzip it doesn't work.

tar -xvzf plugin:monitor-v1.2-1.tar.gz

or tar -zxvf plugin:monitor-v1.2-1.tar.gz

please help.

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    You can use 7z also to extract the contents of the archive : 7z e plugin\:monitor-v1.2-1.tgz Sep 3, 2019 at 10:41

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Because of the : in the archive filename, tar thinks you are trying to extract an archive on a remote system - hence the message:

cannot connect to plugin: resolve failed

You can force it to treat the file as local by adding the --force-local option. From man tar:

          Archive file is local even if it has a colon.

Allways use tab to complete names in linux, if you do that, you can see that will be like this:

tar -xvzf plugin\:monitor-v1.2-1.tgz

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