I see they differ in size.

plasma-desktop is a dependency of kde-plasma-desktop and it seems that kubuntu-desktop and kde-plasma-desktop are independent of each other.

What are other differences between kubuntu-desktop, plasma-desktop and kde-plasma-desktop packages?

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    For those hitting this and installing with modern KDE, the best approach is to install kde-standard package as it will give a properly functioning KDE. kde-plasma-desktop is missing all kinds of stuff including icons and widgets (eg quicklaunch). Commented Feb 14 at 23:02

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What is the difference between kubuntu-desktop, plasma-desktop and kde-plasma-desktop packages?

Running apt show on each:

  • kubuntu-desktop

    • Description: Kubuntu Plasma Desktop/Netbook system
  • kde-plasma-desktop

    • Description: KDE Plasma Desktop and minimal set of applications
  • plasma-desktop

    • Description: Tools and widgets for the desktop

Look at the depends for each in the output of each apt show command to know more.

In brief, kubuntu-desktop provides a fuller KDE Plasma desktop experience relative to that obtained by installing kde-plasma-desktop.

It's a bit like installing xubuntu-desktop versus xfce4.

By the way, kubuntu-full provides even more packages than kubuntu-desktop.

I don't know the basis for the question, but I prefer not mixing desktop environments. Other users seem to handle multiple desktop environments just fine.

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