After a dual-boot Windows 10/Ubuntu 18.04 installation, it looked like the PC was booting straight to Ubuntu, without showing the GRUB menu, after a short pause. I had already run Boot Repair under Ubuntu and checked bcdedit under Windows.

It turned out, during boot I had to hit the Esc key when the screen turned Ubuntu-purple, in order to display the GRUB menu and be allowed to choose the OS to boot. Not pressing Esc, after a time-out, the PC would boot to the default (Ubuntu).

I don't want to have to hit Esc every time during boot: how can I have the boot process show the GRUB menu right away, with no need for me to hit Esc?

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Couldn't comment @Fanta, but after turning off GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE setting I got another error, something about "Couldn't find hwmatch module".

I fixed it not by turning off the GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE setting, but setting it from hidden to menu

See more about that setting here in the GRUB manual on gnu.org.

  • Install and run Grub Customizer
  • From the General Settings tab, click on advanced settings
  • In the window that pops up, disable GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE (as per screenshot below)
  • Close, save and exit
  • Reboot to test

Grub Customizer settings dialog

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