I have a Google Drive directory called Ward.

I'm using gdrive, which is an otherwise wonderful tool, but I can't get it to upload to a directory. For example this works (my utility is called gdrive not the usual drive):

gdrive upload filename.pdf

This will send the file to the Google Drive home directory.

But trying the instructions from gdrive help upload,

gdrive upload -p Ward filename.pdf

throws an error file Ward not found.

  • gdrive is not working anymore is there any option now? – NullPoiиteя Apr 24 at 2:13

I think this is because the -p flag is looking for a Parent ID and "Ward" isn't a valid ID. Unfortunately life is not as simple as just using the plain English folder name!

You can find the ID of a folder by navigating to it in Google Drive, then look at the URL. It will be something like:


The ID is this bit:


Try finding that for the Google Drive folder you're wanting to upload to, then use that in the -p flag instead of "Ward" and it should work.

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