Xubuntu / XFCE4 panel has many items. 2 of these items are Whisker menu, and xfce4-indicator-plugin. These 2 items do not match the given Gtk theme background color I've selected, even though the rest of the items on the panel do. I've tried switching themes to all the other themes, but the other themes also do not show the proper theme background color, just white or dark grey.

I've tried setting the background-color: transparent in the theme I'm using for the .panel css class, refreshed xfce4-panel, re-loggged, with no changes in the problem.

Is there a way to check what parts of the panel are receiving CSS from what CSS theme files? Or is this a known issue that has some sort of fix to get the panel showing the proper theme color?

  • I never wrote "Whisker menu doesn't fit" so I'm not sure what you mean by that. I can't link a picture, but imagine the panel is background color red. The "whisker menu" panel item, the "indicator" panel item, and the "system load" panel item all have black (dark grey) background color instead of taking the color from the "Theme Configuration" red. The them I've chosen (Adapta) does indeed have this black background color, but the xfce4 panel should override this colors in the panel. – jake Sep 4 at 1:18

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