I'm looking to imitate ShareX's behaviour in Gnome. I want the screen to freeze before I take a regional screenshot. It would also be nice to get other features of ShareX too, however, I'm not sure if that's easily achievable.


A little late to the party, but switching from windows I missed that feature a lot. I just recently discovered flameshot which does exactly that (with additional features like making some small edits on the fly).

You can install it via: sudo apt install flameshot and then invoking it on the command line via flameshot gui

However, that seemed annoying to me so I also created a shortcut with the print button (you need to disable the standard screenshot first though). See Ubuntu 18 how to change screenshot application to Flameshot?


KDE has an awesome screenshot tool that does exactly what I want called "Spectacle". It works (perhaps surprisingly) well on Gnome too.

To install Spectacle: sudo apt install kde-spectacle

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