I am trying to use MWM, however I cannot figure out how to make icon shortcuts.

I have created an icon box, but it only collects minimized windows that were already started before.


Shows my current window

Does anyone have a way of creating a shortcut, like *.desktop on ubuntu but for mwm, to launch a script?


These are the books I have looked at.

https://www.oreilly.com/openbook/motif/vol6a/Vol6a.pdf (pg 596) - Shows how to create an app box, which i guess could be used as a start menu. http://www.whigg.cas.cn/resource/zysk/201011/P020101102761806071794.pdf

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    Have you gone thru the documentation? Since this WM is not included with any Ubuntu distro, you might have better luck using the tech support options provided by the developers of this software. – Nmath Aug 26 at 16:48
  • Note that, although mwm is not present by default on any freshly installed Ubuntu system, it is packaged for Ubuntu and available from Ubuntu's repositories. In that way, it is like many programs people get good answers about here. With that said, I can't really speak to where the best place is to ask about it. With that said, I also don't know the details of which support options elsewhere would cover mwm if it is installed from downstream Ubuntu packages, as it typically would be on an Ubuntu system. – Eliah Kagan Aug 26 at 17:18
  • Thank you. I will look through the documentation. – aapp Aug 26 at 17:39

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