Have installed Ubuntu 18 that is stable enough so I don't want to change anything except installing additional applications from time to time. But all installation instructions look like this:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install <package-name> 

That means all and every installed package will be upgraded to its latest avaliable version. I tried to disable system updates and to skip the first two of the above commands but it caused the problem apt-get install unexpectedly removed Firefox.

So the questions are:

  1. Is it possible to install a new application without updating and upgrading anything else?
  2. If a new package (in its latest version) cannot coexist with some existing out-of-date packages is it possible to install an older version of this package somehow?

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I often avoid sudo apt upgrade for many weeks when my system is running well. If there is a particular need for example security or new app features I will run it. First I check Ask Ubuntu to ensure there are no new bugs reported with upgrade.

What I do when I want a new package is:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install paxkage-name

The update doesn't remove software as happened with your Firefox.

The update will tell me X packages are upgradable but I simply ignore the message until I have time to study what will get upgraded.

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