Can transmission "import" magnet links and files? How would those magnet links get backed up? The .torrent files and downloads are easy enough to backup.

What I have in mind is to put the downloads and torrent files onto an external drive. But what is the import procedure?

  • I thought the point of magnet links was their was no 'direct' or saved file. They were a 'link' (URI) that was supposed to be transferred directly from the browser to torrent software, not using a file on the file-system. Where your 'torrent' software downloads & saves the later downloaded file is controlled by your chosen software (configuration). – guiverc Aug 26 '19 at 4:39
  • The link seems to be saved, but I'm not sure where or how. Right clicking in transmission gives an option to see the URI, and, transmission-server, again, seems to have a CLI interface to get the URI's. – Thufir Aug 26 '19 at 5:35
  • I suspect it's saved in a temporary location that doesn't live past reboot/shutdown. I would explore by grabbing magets, get the "link" detail you saw and fgrep to find it. I suspect the location could vary on kernel/software-stack version but i'm only guessing sorry. I know qtransmission can use magnet links as I tested it only weeks ago but I was only testing the mechanism worked (on a new install); didn't create/understand the code behind it sorry. If I come across the details of my testing [phab] & refresh my knowledge I'll return with more. – guiverc Aug 26 '19 at 6:24

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