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How do I install Eclipse Indigo 3.7.1?

I'm now using Eclipse 3.7.0 from Ubuntu Software Center but there's no option in Update Manager or USC to upgrade latest version Indigo SR2.

previously, I tried to search ppa from launchpad but eclipse team had not continued yet since Jaunty released

Can I get any ppas? and how do I install latest Eclipse Indigo in Ubuntu 11.10?

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I personally install eclipse by downloading the latest version as .tar.gz from eclipse.org and extract it into my home directory ~/apps. This works quite well and allows me to update via Eclipse update feature. (Don't forget to remove the ubuntu package for eclipse)

I just need to add a menu entry to the eclipse binary: ~/app/eclipse/eclipse

No additional changes are needed it works out of the box. Maybe this will also work for you.

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