I am trying to install the latest version of Ubuntu 19.04 on my laptop. I recently brought this laptop, and I am getting 2-3 types of errors when installing Ubuntu.

Screenshot of error

I am installing it with Windows 10. I am installing via USB (San Disk). I am getting ACPI Error: No handler or method for GPE...., after clicking on Install Ubuntu in the boot menu.

Last time I got an error like acpi bios error (bug) could not resolve [\_SB.PC10.12C2.TPDOJ], A... but the error changed automatically.


You can try booting with the options libata.noacpi=1 or acpi=off. Here on Turn Off ACPI while Booting Ubuntu via Grub2 - Ubuntu Sharing, you can find how to do that.


  • But ACPI is important, right? – John Bott Aug 29 '19 at 4:19
  • Yes, but maybe you won't have the same issue after installing Ubuntu. – Luks Aug 29 '19 at 15:04
  • I installed Ubuntu. But on startup, It does not show the option to load Ubuntu. In order to load Ubuntu, I need to plug in USB, boot it, but this time quit the installation, and then Ubuntu starts. – John Bott Aug 29 '19 at 15:05
  • Why this problem really? I have a clean new laptop, worth 2500$....I am really pissed. I got a project of 500$ before 2 days, but I failed to do it because of this Ubuntu bug. – John Bott Aug 29 '19 at 15:06
  • Since no one answered, I am marking your answer as best. At least you answered. But I am still looking for a permanent and good solution. – John Bott Aug 29 '19 at 15:07


Try kernel bootparameter:  pci=nommconf

Full version:

I had the same very nasty problem with ACPI, On boot the kernel basically spamming: 

kernel: [ 26.237796] ACPI Error: No handler or method for GPE 08,

Kernel bootparameter: acpi=off made the sytem bootable, but the laptop basically unusable (no touchpad, no cpu throttling, nvidia could not initialize etc etc.)

After much agony I found that it was described here very recently (hopefully pached soon):   https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=203617

Which suggested using: pci=nommconf

which solved my problem for now.  I have so far not found any serious drawback so Im happy.

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