I have installed notepad++ using Ubuntu Software Store. I tried printing, it does not work. I uninstalled notepad++, and installed it using sudo snap install method. Both methods bring up the following popup screen:

Before you can perform printer-related tasks such as page setup or printing a document, you need to install a printer. Please install one and retry.

My printer is Brother HL-2270 DW. I can print to my printer using other applications such as LibreOffice and Atom, yet, I cannot print using Notepad++. Anyone have a solution please? My Ubuntu is 18.04 LTS.

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Open the software store, search for notepad-plus-plus and open the according page.

enter image description here

Click the Permissions-button and enable Print documents

Alternatively, for the folks who like the command-line:

snap connect notepad-plus-plus:cups-control

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