I use Ubuntu 18.04. I have a monitor which is connected via HDMI to my computer. This monitor has a headphone input:

enter image description here

When I choose the HDMI/DisplayPort-Built-in Audio everything works as expected during only 3-5 minutes and after approximately that time the output switches to another one or just turns off while being selected. To overcome this problem I need again go to settings and select HDMI sound output. And then the same pattern repeats.

Worth noting that I see this problem (a random switching) only with HDMI output.

How can I solve it? I tried to reinstall some packages (and reboot) but it didn't help me:

sudo apt-get install linux-sound-base alsa-base alsa-utils --reinstall
  • When this happens, you see something new at the end of journalctl -p warning -x? Try first with | grep pulse. – Pablo A Aug 29 at 0:37

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