Stupid question time!

I've been toying around with Ubuntu for a couple hours and most of the programs I need are working just fine, but now I'm not sure how to install something.

[...] giving the command ./tmc-netbeans_org_mooc_tmcbeans-linux.sh in the directory where the file is located.

I have downloaded the file I needed to download, it's in my download folder... now what? How do I get into the directory from the file location?

  • You are supposed to use the command line if you weren't already (if not, press Ctrl + Alt + T) and use cd to move from one directory to the other. – Jos Aug 23 '19 at 15:56

Your downloads folder is usually ~/Downloads (~/ is your home directory). So, open a terminal with Ctrl + Alt + T, and use the cd command to go there:

cd ~/Downloads

Once there, run:


Tip1: just start typing ./tmcn and then press Tab, that will complete the file name for you.

Tip2: If it doesn't, you need to make the file executable first: chmod a+x tmc-netbeans_org_mooc_tmcbeans-linux.sh.


Open the parent folder of ./tmc-netbeans_org_mooc_tmcbeans-linux.sh.

Open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T), type cd then a space, and drag the folder to the terminal. It will add path of folder to terminal. Press Enter.

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