I need to stop execution of a running java script in terminal and start the same execution at every x interval of time in terminal. Is it possible?


Yes, /usr/bin/timeout is the tool to use. See man timeout. Here is an example, from one of my nightly cron jobs, you can wrap yours in a while true ; do loop:

TO_KILL="45m"           # timeout (kill -KILL) for hpodder
TO_HUP="42m"            # timeout (kill -HUP) for hpodder. Makes sense only if it is less than $TO_KILL
# ...
timeout -k $TO_KILL -s HUP $TO_HUP hpodder  update

This will run the hpodder update until it finishes, or 42 minutes have passed, when it will be sent (see man 7 signal) a HUP signal. If hpodder update is still running after 45 minutes (3 minutes after the HUP was sent), it will be sent the uncatchable KILL signal, and will be terminated.

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