I want to get a iso file, i just want to get the iso file but it keeps downloading this folder, I just want the iso file not entire folder with 2 gb of content

  • I don't understand what you mean with "entire folder". What is wrong with ubuntu.com/download/desktop ?! – pLumo Aug 22 at 13:22
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    Yes I do but instead of iso file i get a folder – Kristian Ivanov Aug 22 at 13:24
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    May be you have a wrong browser configuration that directly opens the ISO as an archive instead of saving it as a file. Try right-click on the link -> "Save Link as" – pLumo Aug 22 at 13:27
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    (via) "Windows 10 will hide a mounted .iso file while it's mounted" --- REALLY Microsoft ??? That is the cause for questions like this... – pLumo Aug 22 at 13:40
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    Windows can show iso file as a folder. – Pilot6 Aug 22 at 14:12

The ubuntu isos are as Kristian says at https://ubuntu.com/download/desktop

If you then need it to install it on a computer, you use a boot program like rufus.

Depending on the answers you say there may be two solutions.

  1. Have you tried to download the iso from another device? The folder comes out with extension .iso? If not, you could do the following. Do you have the windows operating system? In Windows you install the UltraISO program that can convert the "folders" into an iso that were originally as shown in this video:


  1. If you install internet explorer as this page indicates:


Then try from this browser to download the iso but instead of saving you give it to "save as" and put the extension .iso at the end with the name you want.



it should begin downloading after you click this link

  • Thats where i tried to download it but i got a folder – Kristian Ivanov Aug 22 at 13:28
  • what browser are you using? – warsong Aug 22 at 13:44

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