I'm usually capable with solving issues on ubuntu, also I have never bothered to use snap, and now I regret that I did.

I installed my dev tools via snap, big updates came out for most of them recently (Jetbrains), biggest being Android studio. But no matter what I do I can't remove or update any of my applications installed via snap. Removing or "Refreshing" is pointless. Giving me on AS:

error: snap "android-studio" has "auto-refresh" change in progress

that's with refresh/remove and I tried disabling "auto-refresh" with a bunch of other recommendations from other questions and threads.

Why can't I update WHEN I want to update, why do I have to wait for some "auto" update and relinquish control to some cron turd...

Is there any way to use snap like EVERY other software repo?

and "snap refresh" yields:

error: change finished in status "Hold" with no error message

You can change schedule for automatic updates


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