I'm trying to install leandvb, but the GUI won't compile, because I (apparently) don't have X11 development libraries. How do I install these?

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It depends what the author means by "X11 development libraries". Probably it will be sufficient to install the libx11-dev package:

sudo apt install libx11-dev
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    That was it! Thank you! EDIT: How does one know these things? Is there a way to find out, or is this something you "just know"? :-)
    – OZ1SEJ
    Aug 21, 2019 at 14:10
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    I think one way could be to use packages.ubuntu.com if you know the header file names, by selecting "source package names" on the dropdown near the search bar there. If you know the header file names you are looking for of course.
    – matanster
    Jun 18, 2020 at 21:01
  • You can also install and use apt-file to search for packages that contain a given file Jun 18, 2020 at 21:48


sudo apt-get install libx11-dev xserver-xorg-dev xorg-dev

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