I have a microsoft bluetooth mouse 3600 which works fine under windows, I've successfully connected to it under ubuntu, it works, But lags in an annoying way....

Could this be fixed ?

I had it working fine at my desktop with ubuntu 16 LTS

Update: I'm no longer using Ubuntu, so can't test the solutions, thanks anyway. I'll accept the available solution just to not be rude...


This post helped me at the same situation.

You have to edit the following file:

sudo nano /var/lib/bluetooth/<MAC of BT adapter>/<MAC of BT Mouse>/info

At the end of the file, add the section:


Finally, apply the changes:

sudo systemctl restart bluetooth
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    I was not able to see the <MAC of BT Mouse> and so the file "info", due to permissions of these directories. So I used "sudo -i" to make sure I can see all the files. Other than this, the solution worked for me perfectly! Oct 11 '19 at 11:20

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